Smoke Damper Inspection & Repair

Smoke dampers provide fire systems with the necessary air flow to prevent passage of smoke or fire between sections of a building. The proper operation of a smoke damper is vital to the protection that the system provides in the building.

  • Fire Codes Compliance will routinely schedule and perform all required elements of a smoke damper inspection to ensure it operates properly (in accordance per NFPA 80-2010).
  • Fire Codes Compliance will perform testing and inspection of all aspects of the smoke damper system, including the frame, the fusible link, the blades, the hinges, the coupling, the power supply, and checks of all other moving parts.
  • Fire Codes Compliance will perform repairs to any part of the smoke damper that is found to be in violation during inspection. All replacement parts will be of the same rating and category as the original part. All testing and repairs will be thoroughly documented.